Chris Taylor's accomplishments speak for themselves but often have poor grammar. Here is a grammatically corrected version of what they say. Chris Taylor received a Ph.D. in the department formerly known as the department of electrical engineering at Purdue University. He is now an Associate Professor and Master of Science in Engineering program director in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the Milwaukee School of Engineering where he is currently enjoying his thirty-ninth trip around the sun.

He consumed four tons of cow's milk and counted to 125,000 by ones all before his twenty-fifth birthday. Chris was not homecoming king in high school or college, and he did not graduate at the top of his high school class; however, his social security number has only three prime factors. He was not involved with any political movements in the 1960's and has never been in a rock band, but he has held hands with an orangutan.

Chris has not been convicted of grand theft auto in the last six and a half years and has never been convicted of a violent crime. He has moved over twenty times living in four countries and three states but contends that he is not running from anything or anyone. In fact, his knees can't really take much running anyway. He has ridden more elephants than horses and hopes to one day swim across the Arctic Ocean.

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I'd like to think that most of the stuff in my webpages is entertaining to someone, but the stuff in this section doesn't seem to serve any other purpose.

I've tried to make this interesting for those familar with electrical engineering research as well as those who are not. Give it a chance.

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